We were assigned to post about what we were interested in concerning our classroom and media. I am very much interested in using any resources accessible to me to get understanding across to my students. I plan to use the Internet, sources of media and technology, because I feel that it is important that you use what the student already knows and are using to get the students involved in their learning. When I was younger I was just going to the motions and school was all about textbooks and tests or quizzes. I pledge to use whatever is accessible to me to help my students understand.


I don’t know where to begin with this article, it is so much to talk about. I just love how different subjects are incorporated into this unit. My favorite part of the lesson would be the DED, Double-Entry Diaries. I think that DEDs are awesome, because first the students have to pick a passage or something from the book, and then explain why they chose it or ask a question. It really gets the students involved in their work, because they will really pay attention to what they are reading.

Pirate Diary: The Journal of Jake Carpenter and What if I Met a Pirate?  Using the Twin Texts in the unit is amazing. I just find it so amazing because both of the books are different but the students are learning so much. One book is a historical fiction and the other is informational text. What I like about What if I Met a Pirate?  is that the book is informational but it is in question/answer format. Its not just a boring read on Pirates.  The Twin Text has students learning from both scales of the spectrum, which is great. The fiction book puts it in ways that the students can grasp it and it’s on there level.

I also believe that this unit builds on a students writing fluency  because the students are writing in the notebooks every time they read a portion of the two books. I loved how the KWL was used and how the students took different pages to take what they thought for KWL. I just really appreciated how the teacher had the students thinking about every aspect, because she even assisted students in developing questions that would prompt their writing later in the unit.

I think this unit is AWESOME! I can’t wait until we discuss this in class!! 🙂

As I looked at the websites that were given to us I began to think where my name came. It said Lauren was the feminine form of Laurence. Also that it became popular by the actress Betty Jean Perske who used the name, Lauren Bacall as her stage name. Then I done my middle name, Breann, and it’s just the feminine form of Brian. Lauren is a very popular. In all of my classes here at ASU from the beginning I have had someone in my class also named, Lauren. I am so grateful to my parents for calling me by my middle name, Breann. Believe me this helps with confusion when the teacher is calling out five different Laurens.

My mother told me that she got my middle name from a soap opera! WOW!! I believe “General Hospital.” There was a actress with the real name, Bren. But when I was here and all the medicine was wearing off she forgot what she really wanted it be, therefore making it, Breann. My first name she wasn’t really sure where she got it from, but she said she knew that she wanted me to have the same initials as her, LS. My dad didn’t really have a say in my name because my brother is named after him, and so my mother responsible for choosing my name.

In the section titled, “Strategies for Beginning Writer’s Notebook” she comments that she usually introduces several strategies before letting the students write by themselves. It is interesting to me that she would do this because you often time have students that have difficulties deciding what to write about. I think that it is awesome to take time to allow instruction on ways to get your writer juices following.  My favorite would be, make a list. I find myself making list for a lot of things that I do, for example, when I am going to the grocery store, and a to do list. I always find my list to be very helpful for me because I always stick to what is on the list and never stray away to anything else.  Another strategy that I was very fond of was, writing from literature. I like how the student, Alice, responded to “Keeper” she said that she liked it because it had to do with fish. Also she picked two sentences from the poem and found two words that stood out the most to her. This strategy is building vocabulary and also building on their writing skills.  I think that these strategies are something that I will put into effect in my classroom because they are fun for the students but also for the teacher.

Wow! I think that the Writer’s Notebook is amazing and I haven’t finish reading the book yet. I really liked how she got her students interested in writing in their notebooks. It was cool that she caught them at a time when their minds were ready to elaborate on a story about traffic. I thought the young man that she wrote about in the first chapter, Chance, he was was amazing! Chance took what she asked, about getting the notebooks and any notebook of their chose, and he came in with a small composition book or notepad. I thought that it was cool that he liked the smallest notebook and that it made him want to write. I have to agree with Chance that small notepads make me want to write as well at times. I must say that choosing a notebook to use for the class would be kind of difficult. There is a lot of thought that must go into choosing a notebook. I will definitely use this “notebook” in my classroom.